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Our process is broken down into 3 distinct phases;

Design & Budgeting


Enjoyment & Warranty.

There can be many variables in each phase of this process due to the many options and differences between homes.   We strive to make our process as clear and understandable as possible.   Please continue reading below!

Design & Budget

(6 - 8 Weeks)

This phase is the most important part of making sure that your experience in building a new home is not only enjoyable and exciting, but also important in minimizing the stress of building and making sure you get the home of your dreams.

This phase starts with an initial meeting to discuss your wants and your needs.  This conversation will include discussing your lot selection, plan design, schedules, and budget.  It's very common to not have all the answers at this point.  We are here to help guide you through  these items to get your project headed in the right direction.


Identifying where you want to build is the next step.  This is a very important part of the process.  The site you choose can affect not only the cost to build, but also the size, shape, and design of your home.  Knowing what school district it is in, what the property and special assessment taxes are, and what the restrictive covenants may be are very important criteria in choosing the best site to build your new home.

Next is the home design.  This can be the most exciting part of this phase.  This is where your dreams start to come to life through the design of your new home.  Whether you already have an initial plan or need a completely custom design, we work with you to create a design that will maximize your budget while providing as many of the features you desire in your new home.  We also start to develop the specifications for your project by working with you to pick out the various options that will personalize your design and make your new house a home.  This step can take anywhere from a couple weeks to several months depending on the complexity and size of your home.

Once the design and specifications are complete, we begin working on your price summary.   We send your project out to be competitively bid by our trusted subcontractors and material suppliers.  By competitively bidding out your plans, this ensures we get you the best value possible.  Once the pricing is complete, you will receive a detailed, line by line summary of the costs related to your home.  This step usually takes about 2 weeks.

After the plans, specifications, and price have been finalized, it's finally time to sign a contract.  Your contract will include the plans, specifications, and price, as well as a detailed construction schedule so that you know exactly when you can plan to move into your new home!



(4 - 8 Months)

This is when all the excitement begins!  Because of the time and effort put in on the Design & Budget phase, the Construction Phase should be enjoyable and low-stress as you watch your new home being built.  Most of the hard decisions have been made by this point and the project should be on cruise control from a homeowners' perspective. 

During this phase, you should expect regularly scheduled meetings to review your project, discuss any changes you would like, and answer any questions you may have.  Our advanced approach to project management allows homeowners to follow the construction on-line through our cloud-based software.  Daily reports, job-site pictures, change orders, as well as up-to-date schedules and more can easily be accessed, 24-7, through the homeowners dedicated web page.   This phase can can take as little as 3 months for small homes to as long as 1 to 2 years for large and complex homes.  Most homes generally take 4 to 8 months to build.

Enjoyment & Warranty

(1 year)

The last phase of our process is where the homeowner gets to move in, relax, and enjoy their brand new home! 

To start this phase, we do a new home orientation and provide a custom Homeowners' Manual that includes details on seasonal maintenance items, product and equipment manuals, paint colors, subcontractors, and other information you may need to maintain and enjoy your new home.  

We also follow up with a 60 day and 11 month scheduled warranty walk-thru to ensure that any issues that may arise as you settle in to your new home are taken care of promptly.

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